Writings on Improvisation and Improv Education

The materials below are designed to help teachers incorporate interactive improvisation components in their music classes and ensembles. The articles reflect the approach to improvisation that Dr. Oshinsky uses in his classes at Adelphi University.

Overall teaching philosophy

Competencies in Improvisation

Teaching using Flow – sequencing

Annotated Bibliography

Syllabus for in-person class on improvisation

Syllabus including online teaching options

The following are lesson plans for public school teachers

Sounds of Cooperation – social emotional benefits of small group improvisation

In the Groove – solo, support and contrast roles in group improv

Teaching improv online

New for 2023! Simple and Daring – Teaching Social Music Improvisation: Facilitation and Flow

This book presents ways to seamlessly sequence improvisation experiences for K-12 students and adults. It includes how to add improvisation to the common practices of band, orchestra, and chorus. It covers percussion, voice, and mixed instrument groups. Also features a crosswalk of Social Music Improvisation and the main tenets of Social Emotional Learning – identity, belonging and agency. Available Spring 2023. 125 pages, soft cover edition $25, pdf $18.

Email psydoctoro@optonline.net to order.

Original Art, Original Writing, Original Music – Making Room for Improvisation in School Music

Ideas for band, orchestra, chorus and general music teachers